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Tambola is a number based game. Which is very popular and addictive. We take this game to another level, Virtually! The Host picks a number randomly and calls it out. Players are given tickets with numbers written on them. If the announced number is present on a player’s ticket then the player strikes out that Number on their tickets. It is played in Corporate events, Social events, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Parties, Kitty parties, Clubs, Even for Family gatherings. It is a very flexible game in terms of the number of players, rules, and prizes. The number of players can be from 3 to 100 to 10000 to 100000 or even more. Rules & prizes can be tweaked depending on the host to make it more fun. Players can play it with 1 or more tickets simultaneously sometimes

How To Play Tambola ?


    > There are 90 numbers in a classic tombola game. 15 numbers are present on each ticket. The ticket is in a grid format of 9x3 i.e. 9 columns and 3 rows. Each row has 5 numbers. known as Housie/Houzee.

    > Tambola/Houzee can be played in different ways depending on the target audience. Generally, it is played with Numbers being called out and user strikes out Numbers on their Tickets.

    > The Housie expert randomly picks numbers. With the help of the computer system, it is an Auto-generated number.

    > If a number is called by the HOUSIE EXPERT exists on the player's Ticket then he has to strike it.

    > Variations/dividends are decided in advance (we have more than 100 variations for participants to play. Designed for Beginners to Advance Experts).

    > Once a particular Dividend is achieved by a player, he has to claim for it immediately.

    > Game ends when a player successfully CLAIMS a FULL HOUSE.

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our Experts !

Suman Chellani


Miss India Intercontinental 2018

Unfolding the recent victory after hard work of 2 years, she won and was crowned as – MISS INDIA INTERCONTINENTAL 2018 on September 11. Confidently Beautiful Queen is honored to represent India on the grand and prestigious platform of MISS INTERCONTINENTAL 2018 for 20 days in the Philippines amongst 91 other countries, from 7th January to 26th January 2019.

MISS INTERCONTINENTAL 2018 included various competitions such as Best Ramp Walk, Best National Costume, Best Body, Best Evening Gown, Swim Suit Competition, Miss Playa Calatagan, Miss Photogenic, Miss Congeniality; and numerous activities such as Photo Shoots, Video Shoots, Sponsor Visits, Gala Nights, Travel Appearances, Media Interactions, and attending TV Shows. Suman feels the honor to secure 13th Rank for India by World Wide Voting as People’s Choice, among 91 other countries.


International Anchor

Nine years in the thick of it, Suman has hosted more than 2000 events on the National as well as the international stage. Hers is the voice that clients keep coming back to. Hers is the personality that adds an extra dimension to event nights. Her electrifying spirit coupled with experience helps her in connecting well with the audience and make sure that they are involved and synched. She can connect with the audience in 4 languages- English, Hindi, Gujarati, Sindhi, Basic French and can warmly greet in more than 22 languages.


Model and Actor

Suman Chellani is advancing to be a formidable force in the world of fashion and has been working with the best photographers and filmmakers in the business. She is not just a pretty face but is also confident, smart, expressive, and photogenic.

Suman has been the face of several brands. Her pleasing looks and professional poise have sold fashion products, jewelry, and high-end luggage alike. In addition to ad campaigns, her face has lit up photoshoots, video shoots, and fashion shows. She has been a face of brands like Daniel Wellington, DV Fashion, Shein, Campus Shoes, etc

A.K. Rahman


Actor & Celebrity Host

AK RAHMAN is a brilliant actor, having done roles in Balika vadhu, tujh Sangh Preet lagai Sajna,, and un hazaron ke naam, his acting expertise is definitely going to another level soon with his dedication and passion.


Radio Jockey

AK RAHMAN is the man with the golden voice, his voice has been his identity for a long time, starting off early as an anchor and then as a radio presenter he has worked with various radio stations like radio city, Sun FM, and Asian from new york and has been the voice of love guru for a while, garnering loads of love and appreciation!!!


International Anchor

AK RAHMAN Is a live anchor/ presenter for almost 15 years with over 3000 events worldwide across 69 countries.